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Biomedical Consultants Group (BIMECO) is a scientific applications and development resource serving academia and client companies that use, develop or market an array of product technologies including skin, vascular and other biomedical and commercial products. We have unique capabilities to meet client needs by providing consultation and other support services in a timely and professional manner based on our vast experience and expertise in pre- and post-market product research and studies.
Since 1991, we have successfully worked together with clients with diverse products that span a wide spectrum of applications, employ an array of new technologies and target both health and general consumer markets. Specific products or technologies for which consultation and other services have been provided are confidential, but the following generic sampling demonstrates the breadth and depth of our capabilities and expertise. .. Protection, preservation, enhancement or correction of skin integrity and physiology .. Improvement of blood circulation .. Optimization of lymphedema therapy .. Fostering pressure ulcer prevention .. Enhancement of wound healing .. Improving medical compression therapy .. Magnetic therapy applications .. Diathermy applications and Cardiovascular assessment
  Tools and Aids  
As part of our overall mission, we are also committed to developing tools, aids, software and educational materials for health care providers to assist them in their day-to-day work in providing care to patients and to facilitate research activities. Unique software packages have already been developed to assist health care providers to conveniently assess treatment related changes in skin ulcers and wounds (WoundAreas Professional) and to track and document changes in limb volumes of patients with edema or lymphedema (Limb Volumes Professional). All software is available as a free trial download using the sidebar buttons. A variety of educational materials are provided completely free.