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Here are some of the things BIMECO can do to help to lighten your load

--> Develop scientifically based project concepts and content to optimally meet your targeted marketing needs

--> Synthesize project designs that are consistent with both scientific principles and your marketing constraints

--> Evaluate third-party proposed product studies to insure suitability and soundness

--> Provide recommendations of scientific merit and alternative approaches as needed

--> Recommend, evaluate and use optimal biophysical measurements to insure defensible evidence-based data for your product screening and final product evaluations

--> Provide statistical analyses and reports of conducted studies

--> Provide you with independent analyses of client initiated clinical studies and of those conducted by third-parties

--> Prepare reports, presentations and manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals

--> Provide you with targeted and timely scientific consulting, project implementation and follow-through


If expert, timely and results oriented assistance in developing, testing, evaluating or analyzing a new or existing product initiative is of use to you, please contact us for a free confidential initial consultation. 954-205-7199