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WoundAreas Software

Wound Areas Software is offered as WoundAreas Professional and as WoundAreas Premium. The main difference between them is that the Premium version will offer an extensive reporting feature. Either provides an easy to use and convenient way to measure, document and report the progress of skin wounds/ulcers from digital photo images. Any part of the wound's area can determined using the mouse with the wound's perimeter and shape factor automatically determined. Wound length and width can be determined with a few mouse clicks. The traced image can be captured and stored for future reference. Area, perimeter, length and width data can be saved and reviewed. The software has the unique feature of permitting wound images to be optionally calibrated in both horizontal and vertical directions. This important feature allows accurate measurements to be made that are little affected by the angle or distance between camera and wound. For WoundAreas Premium, data will also be able to be be exported to a formated report form (Excel required) in which further wound features can be easily documented, saved and reported. If you are interested in all the wound area measurement features but do not need or want extensive reporting features we suggest the Wound Areas Professional version, which does not require Excel and is offered at a reduced price. A full featured, free trial version of WoundAreas Professional and Premium versions can be downloaded using the link below. More Info/Download a Full Featured Free Trial Version


Limb Volumes Professional Software

Quantify and Track Limb Edema: A software package called Limb Volumes Professional® is designed to help manage, track and report limb edema and lymphedema. It has been widely field tested and acclaimed for its ease of use, time saving features and professional documentation. It has many unique features not otherwise available including 1) incorporation of research validated hand and foot volume algorithms, 2) the ability to use any segment length between adjacent circumference measurement sites whether uniform or nonuniform, 3) the option to separately specify proximal and distal limb regions for comparison and analysis, 4) the ability to automatically determine and report patient body mass index and 5) the ability to graphically represent and report sequential changes in volumes and edema. You may read further details, view a tutorial and download a free trial version of LVP5.0 with the following link. More Info/Download a Full Featured Free Trial Version

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