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ICON.jpg Easily and accurately quantify and track changes in area of wounds. The new software packages,WoundAreas® Professional and WoundAreas® Premium provide a very cost effective way to determine wound areas from digital photographic images. In addition to wound areas, wound length, width and multiple features of the wound are easily documented. The wound perimeter is traced to get total area. Partial areas can also be determined. Lengths and widths are obtained via simple mouse clicks. The traced image with annotated area and metric values can be captured, saved and subsequently be reviewed or be used in a report. In addition, tabular data showing all previously measured wound areas, lengths, widths and perimeters can be easily retrieved and reviewed. The Premium version offers enhanced reporting, graphing and documentation features.

AreaVsMeasurement.jpg The adjacent graph is an illustration of a feature that is available in the WoundAreas® Premium version. The main difference between WoundAreas® Professional and Premium versions is the later incorporates an extensive reporting feature in conjunction with Excel®. For those not needing this WoundAreas® Professional is the best choice.

WoundDescriptors.jpg Previously measured values are immediately viewable. In addition to area, length and width data, multiple features of the wound are easily documented using check box forms shown below. Data entered can easily be incorporated in a report together with the quantitative measurements and wound images.