Licenses  for Limb Volumes Professional Software

The professional versions are those specifically purchased from a distributor (CD)
or purchased and downloaded online from the developer's site or the developers distributors.
These  may be Trial Versions that were subsequently converted to permanent versions by purchasing.
All of these are licensed for a single computer or network for which a permanent activation code has
been issued. The software may be used by any number of users. A permanent activation code is issued
once the software is installed and registered using the serial number generated during installation.
Registration is initiated at the main web site --

For permanent activation codes issued
three or more months ago for a professional version you may request
a 2nd activation code for either another computer or the same computer with modified hardware.
The price for issuing a 2nd activation code is discounted at a rate of 70% (you pay only 30% of the then software cost).
You can install either the LVP version you are using or may elect to download and install the latest LVP version.

To initiate a request for a 2nd activation code please use the adjacent link.      ActivationCodeRequest

Additional activation codes will not be issued for student versions under any circumstances.