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Utility of local tissue water measurements to assess breast cancer treatment-related lymphedema

Measuring sub-bandage static and dynamic pressures (Legs)   

Measuring sub-bandage static and dynamic pressures (Arms)

Practical aspects of tracking and documenting limb volume changes

Physiological consderations for medical compression bandaging  

A method to measure local tissue water and its application to evaluate breast cancer tratment-related lymphedema   PW needed

Transcutaneous oxygen in arms of women with unilateral postmastectomy lymphedema before and after CDP therapy

A method to estimate hand volume based on metric measurements

A method to estimate foot volume based on metric measurements

Tissue water in arms of women with postmastectomy lymphedema

Initial Assessments of Tissue Water Content Surrounding Pressure Ulcers in  Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Lymphatic Flow Augmentation via Directional Therapy

Heel Interface Pressures - Geometric Considerations

Pressure Relief Hyperemia

Monitored Sub-Bandage Pressure Facilitates Teaching

Sacral Skin Blood Flow

Pulsed RF Effects on Blood Flow in Patients with Lymphedema

Pulsed RF Effects on Arm Volumes in Patients with Lymphedema

Heel Support Patterns and Blood Flow Responses

Forearm Skin Blood Flow and Heat Hyperemia

Neurovascular Blood Flow Responses to Deep Inspiration

Dynamic Pressures Associated with Leg Bandaging

Compression vs. Occlusion Blood Flow Responses

Importance of Paired Limb Measurements in Lymphedema