Licenses  for Limb Volumes Professional Software

The student version is licensed for the non-commercial individual use of the
therapist who took the lymphedema training course and received the
complimentary copy of the student version. Once installed the student
version is not transferable to a different hard drive or computer without
obtaining a new license. Permanent activation codes for student versions
installed  for commercial or corporate use will not be provided.

When registering a student version, so as to receive a permanent activation code,
a non-commercial personal email must be given on the registration form. It is to
this email address that the permanent activation code will be sent.
Activation codes will not be sent to commercial or throw-away email addresses.

An upgrade for the student version is from time-to-time offered at a significantly
reduced rate. However this upgrade to the full professional version, with many
additional features, is only applicable for use in a non-commercial environment.

For the initial registration process you should use the CD you received to
first install the software. Then you should register to receive a permanent
activation code. For registration both the CD number and the serial number
will be needed. The CD number is located on the front of the CD and the
serial number is generated during installation of the software. After installation
it can be found on the HELLO page of the installed software and also as a
special file in the folder containing the original installed software. 

New or replacement licenses can be obtained for a fee using the adjacent link.  
New Machine License Procedure
Note that this license fee provides you with a license and allows you to download, install and use the latest
version of limbvolumes professional (currently 5.0), which can then be seperately registered
at no additional charge.  If you wish to continue using a lower version of LVP (LVP4.0 or LVP3.0)  in a new
machine then you  still need to purchase a new machine license using the above linke. There are no
reduced price upgrades to LVP5.0 for commercial use at this time.

NOTE: Version 5.0 is not downardly compatible with lower versions so you should use
version 5.0 for new patients and your original software for any patients already in your system.  

The professional versions are those specifically purchased from a distributor (CD)
or purchased and downloaded online from the developer's site. These are licensed for a
single computer but may be used by any number of users. If the computer on which this
software was installed fails or needs to be replaced, a replacement license and new
activation code will be issued free of charge. For this to occur the originally purchased
software should be installed in a new machine and the new serial number noted.
The software should then be registered at When registerint you must provide
the new serial number and other requested information. In the comment section please indicate the
reason you need  a new permanent activation code - e.g. hard drive needed to be replaced.
Alternately this last point can be more extensively described via an email to