Thanks you for using Limb Volumes Professional (LVP) software. We believe that this software will provide you with a useful and easy to use tool
to help you track, document and report limb volume changes in your patients. The new capabilities of LVP5.0 are described at and on the CD.

LVP was "field-tested" by experienced therapists and nurses; it got rave reviews. Also, feedback from referring physicians and other health care providers has indicated that the printed/graphic reports of their patient’s progress have been extremely useful. They have recommended its use as a "gold-standard" for therapy progress documentation. In fact, LVP has essentially achieved this ranking among therapists worldwide.


To begin installation, put the CD in the drive and wait for it to auto-run. If it does not auto-run then navigate to the CD and double click on the application
setupLVP50.exe to start the process. During installation LVP5.0 will be put on to your hard drive for future use. Its install location depends on whether you are using the Professional or Student version and whether you are using a CD version or a downloaded version. 
For the download version it is C:\Program Files\LVP50DL. For the CD version it is C:\Program Files\LVPCD. 
To run LVP5.0 after installation double click on its icon that is placed on your desktop or navigate to the install location and click on LVP50.xls. 

Note that LVP5.0 uses macros (small bits of code), to run properly. So, if you are asked, please select OK for macros to be enabled.
LVP5.0 runs in conjunction with Excel, so you will need to have Excel on your computer. You will be able to run LVP5.0 after you complete the installation. 


Operation is self-explanatory and is displayed in a standard Excel format. Data may be entered, saved by any file name and printed exactly as you would do in Excel. A tutorial and various instructional references are located on the CD and are also available at These should be very helpful.


After entering patient data into LVP50.xls you should save the file using a distinct patient identifier of your choosing – such as Mary Smith or MS123456 etc. This is done using the Save As function in the Excel menu. Do not use the savefunction when working in LVP50.xls as this will write the data you have entered into this master file (LVP50.xls) which you want to keep free of data for ease of subsequent use. However, when recalling a patient’s file, with previously entereddata, this patient file may be re-saved using the standard save function. 


This is a single machine license version of LVP5.0, so please install it on the machine you will use. Once installed, you can use it 12 times before it must be permanently activated. During installation a serial number is generated and displayed and is also placed in the HELLO page of the installed software. You will need it and the CD number (if CD version) that appears on the front of the CD for registration. There is no CD number needed for downloaded versions. You can register at Your permanent activation code will be sent to the e-mail address supplied during registration. When the 12 uses have expired the software automatically asks you to enter an activation code.
This is when you should enter the permanent activation code  in the box presented

If you have any technical problems or questions please use the request for technical support form that can be accessed at