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Limb Volumes Professional - The #1 Limb Edema/Lymphedema Assessment Software
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   Measuring HAND volume
   Measuring FOOT volume
   Limb Measurement Procedure
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Research and Application Related Papers, Posters and Reference Information

Posters and Short Papers
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Papers and Reference Materials - Click on links below to view
  Principles of Compression Therapy  
  Arm Lymphedema Research Study              
  Foot Volume Research Study
  Limb Volume Change With Posture
  Compression and Pulsatile Blood Flow
  Compression Effects on Microcirculation 1
  Compression Effects on Microcirculation 2
  Compression Effects on Microcirculation 3
  Compression Effects on Microcirculation 4
  Significance of Limb Shape in Circumferential Measurements
  Foot Volume Measures: Water Displacement vs. Metric Measurements
  Hand Volume Measures: Water Displacement vs. Metric Measurements
  Tissue Oxygen in Lympedematous Arms
  PEMF treatment of Arm Lymphedema
  Tissue Water and Local Edema Assessment
  Research Update #1  - Choosing Segment Length
  Limb Volume Measurement Literature

Other Lymphedema Educational News and Information
 Lymphedema Overview
 Laser therapy for lymphedema?
 Light therapy for lymphedema?
 Hyperbaric treatement for lymphedema?
 Adipose tissue in lymphedema?

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